Spicing Up a Meal

Cooking can become a new hobby for those trying to eat a healthy and balanced diet, but they might run out of ideas quickly. Rather than giving up and going with packaged foods, they should consider experimenting with the basics they already know how to cook. Chicken is a meat used around the world, but each culture has come up with their own ways of preparing it. Spicing up a meal is one way to add variety to a diet, and it can entice the entire family to consider cooking a fun activity.

Different spices are grown all over the world, and these are often the basis of how a culture creates their own signature dishes. Herbs are a taste sensation that often requires slow cooking methods because they are not strong flavors. They can be combined with other herbs and spices to gently season meats and vegetables, and learning how to use them can make a good dish great.

Strong spices are often used as rubs on meat to flavor it, but they can be added sparingly to vegetable dishes. Many of these foods can be cooked quickly because the spices add flavor immediately upon being paired with the food, but smaller dashes of these same ingredients can be used when slow cooking is preferred. While there are some commercial blends available, always check the label to ensure salt is not the first ingredient. The goal is to add the flavor of spices instead of salting the food.

A balanced diet does not have to be bland or boring, and adding in new taste sensations can become a hobby for the entire family. Learning to cook healthy foods in different ways can create new dishes enjoyed by everyone, and the focus on preparing food can be a good way for the entire family to spend time together and become closer.